John is a national performing artist producing upscale magic and illusion shows from intimate settings to large theaters and arenas. His shows are highly entertaining, fun, and sophisticated. They feature amazing, original, award winning magic and illusions with a unique style. He offers a variety shows which are customizable to fit your entertainment needs.

He provides entertainment for resorts, nightclubs, trade shows, banquets, cocktail hours, conventions, universities, touring shows, theatrical, television, corporate events, private parties, cruise ships, and casino shows. John will make your next event truly unforgettable!


John performs visual close-up magic for small groups, featuring mind blowing effects that happen right under your eyes and in your hands! It’s truly an amazing experience. Coins appear and disappear, playing cards change colors, rings transport from finger to finger, solid objects melt thru one another, and coins bend in your hand to become lucky souvenirs! Close-up magic is perfect for any type of event, from special events to VIP engagements.


John’s stand-up show is perfect for larger groups and is filled with visually stunning magic. Objects magically and visually transform, appear, and disappear and are choreographed to music. Roses and live doves magically appear out of thin air, including the surprise appearance of a giant Blue/Gold Macaw parrot! Other favorite routines include reading spectators minds and a table that mysteriously floats around the stage.


In larger venues, John’s grand illusions are super impressive. His illusions include a bird cage full of birds which visually transforms into a female assistant! Your guests will be amazed by his incredible trunk escape illusion where John gets handcuffed and locked inside of a trunk and in the blink of an eye, he magically transposes with his female assistant!

John is most known for his award winning dove act which he has performed worldwide. His cutting a girl in half illusion is unusual because audience members actually get to come on stage to inspect the props and to participate in cutting the girl in half! This makes for a very memorable experience for any special event!

Many other routines and illusions are also available. This high caliber presentation can last between five minutes and an hour.


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For the next several minutes it was one moment of magic followed by another.  Birds appeared from nowhere. Flowers emerged from mid-air and all eyes were bewildered by the mysterious appearance and disappearance of object after object.Karaoke & Entertainment Magazine
Sheets actively engages the crowd and astounds onlookers with his lightning-fast tricks.Scene 3 Magazine
Your dramatic special effects, illusions, and sleight-of-hand are top notch and you are indeed a true craftsman of your trade!Sherry Marcovich, Accent Windows
Sheets is a terrific showman and is considered a “Star of Tomorrow”.Herald Newspaper
Sheets doesn’t draw the line at dove magic. The things he does with coins, cards, flowers, fire – in fact, just about anything – leave you mumbling.The Denver Post
Very impressive, great entertainment!Mike Shanahan, Denver Broncos
Nice hair… Awesome magic!Dom DeLuise, Actor
Your colored dove act stole the show!!! You went above and beyond our expectations!Valerie J. Witt, Hanifen Imhoff Holdings
As always, you never cease to amaze us with your talent.Tony Blanchard, Security Pacific