Atomic Bills

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Two bills, of different denominations visibly change places between the magicians hand and the spectators hand. The bills can be borrowed, signed, and you end totally clean!

Complete with a special gimmick hand constructed from a genuine bill, plus another secret something!

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Borrow two bills of different denominations, say a One and a Five, or a Ten, or a Twenty, or a Fifty, or a Hundred!

Each bill is then folded into eights. The bills are held togethere and placed in spectator’s hand, which closes around them. The performer reaches into the spectator’s closed fist and removes the One Dollar bill. The bill is waved in the air and suddenly changes into the other borrowed bill. The spectator is directed to open her hand only to discover that she has the One Dollar bill.

The bills have magically changed places! Note that the bills are totally unprepared. Both bills are borrowed, and can be signed. No switching bills. No thumbtips. No flaps. No sleeves. Begin and end totally clean! You may use ANY One Dollar bill and ANY other different denomination offered! No difficult sleights! Killer reputation maker!